Join us in Northampton at the HRYMCA

Join us in Northampton at the HRYMCA

6 week PD exercise program now includes adapted Tai Chi as part of the balance curriculum

The 6 week Parkinsons Community Wellness Program returns to the Hampshire Regional YMCA on April 3rd! We know how important exercise is to combatting the symptoms of PD. Did you know that certain types of exercise are neuroprotective and have been shown to delay exercise progression and improve quality of life? Come and learn all about exercise and Parkinson's disease. Along with my studint interns and a personal trainer based at the YMCA, we will help all participants master an independent exercise program specific to PD. Additionally, we will teach you the exercise parameters shown to be most beneficial.

We know that keeping up with exercise on an ongoing basis can be particularly challenging. We welcome returning participants who enjoy the small group setting and would benefit from a jump start to their fitness. Teaming up with the HRYMCA has resulted in additional programming for people with PD. We will help you to fully understand how to combine this independent exercise program with community based classes (if that is your preference).

Tai Chi is a new addition to the balance curriculum. There is very compelling research suggesting Tai Chi improves balance and decreases falls in people wth Parkinsons disease. There may also be mood and cognitive benefits to participating in regular Tai Chi. It is fun and relaxing! We look forward to seeing you in class. Please contact me for more information.

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