PD Community Wellness Program in Springfield

PD Community Wellness Program in Springfield

6 week exercise and balance program starting in October at the Springfield JCC

Lets play in the leaves together!

The Parkinson's Community Wellness Program returns again to the Springfield JCC for a 6 week evidence based exercise program. This program will teach you about the exercise that has been researched to help people with PD control their disease symptoms and slow the disease progression. This is a small group structure (15 participants max) which allows for individual attention, challenges and support. This is not a support group (I can direct you to that!) but is a very supportive environment where friendships are created around the common goals of exercise and living well with PD.

Please join me (Deb Ellis) and my hard working interns! We will teach you an exercise program, and boost your fitness with the goal of empowerment and knowledge. The program will include a dynamic evidence based balance program and some Tai Chi!

We will help you develop an individualized plan to help you continue your exercise practice after the program is over!

Come join the fun!