Parkinsons Community Wellness Program Greenfield

Parkinsons Community Wellness Program Greenfield

6 Week exercise and balance program starts Feb 5, 2020

Happy New Year to everyone in the PD community. The new year brings resolutions and new opportunities for exercise and wellness. The 6 week PD Community Wellness Program is returning to the Greenfield YMCA in February!

This evidence based program is designed to support people with Parkinsons as they develop or improve on their current exercise regimen. This small group structure (12-15 participants and 4 assistants) provides individual support as participants master the program and gain confidence and knowledge. The program has evolved and changed over the last 12 years, New participants as well as repeat participants will enjoy active balance programming and Tai Chi instruction along with strengthening, flexibility, endurance and gait training. We also review problem solving strategies for current functional mobility challenges.

Recent programs in Springfield (in the fall) and Northampton (last spring) resulted in functional improvements of 10-12% for both balance and gait efficiency measures.

Please contact me, Deb Ellis, PT if you are interested in participating. or 413-695-6069.