The Power of Exercise in Parkinson Disease!

The Power of Exercise in Parkinson Disease!

Deb Ellis, PT to present on evidence based exercise as an important tool in controlling Parkinson’s Symptoms.

Great News!  

There is a lot of information out there about exercise recommendations for people with Parkinson Disease (PD).  A wide variety of exercise choices have been shown to be beneficial tools for combatting PD symptoms.  We know that certain exercise is neuroprotective.  That means it may decrease symptoms and slow your need for medications and medication increases.  It can also help you maintain and improve your functional independence.    We also know that exercise must be continuous over the long term and be at an appropriate intensity to have that positive impact. There is so much research out there!  How do you decide what is the best approach for you?  

Should I go to dance class? Yoga?  Tai Chi?  How long should I bike for?   Is a walking program better.  Should I be lifting weights?  What is the best balance program?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the information and choices!

I will be speaking at the Greenfield PD support group on Thursday March 16th at 2pm.  I will review all of the current evidence based (research proven) exercise options and how to optimize your exercise choices to best suit your lifestyle and abilities.  I will also leave plenty of time to answer your questions about exercise.

Thank you to Garry Earles ( and the Greenfield support group for hosting.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Baystate Franklin Medical Center, 164 High Street, Greenfield, MA 01301

Is Greenfield too far for you? I will be giving a similar talk at the Springfield Jewish Community Center Support Group on Tuesday May 16th at 4pm.