Parkinson’s exercise update

Parkinson’s exercise update

Upcoming educational talk, Wellness Programs and RESULTS!!


I enjoyed speaking at the Greenfield PD support group last month.  It was a lively and engaging discussion. I will be repeating this talk at the Jewish Community Center in Springfield on Tuesday May 16th at 4pm. This is located at 1160 Dickinson Street in Springfield (on the Springfield/Longmeadow line).

There is a lot of information out there about exercise recommendations for people with Parkinson Disease (PD).  A wide variety of exercise choices have been shown to be beneficial tools for combatting PD symptoms.  We know that certain exercise is neuroprotective.  That means it may decrease symptoms and slow your need for medications and medication increases.  It can also help you maintain and improve your functional independence.    We also know that exercise must be continuous over the long term and be at an appropriate intensity to have that positive impact. There is so much research out there!  How do you decide what is the best approach for you?  

Should I go to dance class? Yoga?  Tai Chi?  How long should I bike for?   Is a walking program better.  Should I be lifting weights?  What is the best balance program?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the information and choices!

I will be speaking at the Springfield PD support group on Tuesday May 16th at 4pm.  I will review all of the current evidence based (research proven) exercise options and how to optimize your exercise choices to best suit your lifestyle and abilities.  I will also leave plenty of time to answer your questions about exercise.

Thank to the Springfield JCC support group and Joyce Dupont ( for hosting.


We just completed a Parkinson's Community Wellness Program in Westfield!  Thanks to the Greater Westfield YMCA for hosting, to Ellie D'Allesandro for her expert assistance and Tai Chi instruction and to the APDA of MA for funding.    

For those of you who have participated in this program based out of the BU Center for Neurorehabilitation, you know that we do functional testing to assist BU with program development but more importantly to show YOU, the participants, how your hard work has paid off.  The program lasts 6 weeks and the group averages/improvements this session were dramatic.  Walking speed/efficiency, measured with the 6 minute walk test, improved by 18%.  Balance scores, measured with the Functional Gait Assessment, improved by 17%.  These are truly remarkable improvements in only 6 weeks! 

Are you looking to get stronger?  Balance better? Walk faster? Learn a lot and make connections?


I have only a few slots left for anyone interested in joining the Northampton session.  Classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays 1-2:30 starting May 3 and ending June 14.  The program flyer is available on this website.  There is financial assistance available.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested. 

CONTINUATION PROGRAMS- Helps to keep you on track!

Ellie is offering a continuation program at the Westfield YMCA on Tuesdays from 1-2:15.   Thanks to grant support from the APDA of MA, the price is only $3/class.  Ellie will help you through your exercises, ensure safe exercise form and adequate challenge, answer your questions about your comprehensive program and encourage you to keep on going!  The last 1/2 hour is Tai Chi for Parkinson's.  Feel free to come for the whole class or just the Tai Chi portion.  We know Tai Chi has important balance benefits for people with PD.

There is also an ongoing continuation program at the Hampshire Regioanl YMCA on Thursdays from 1:45-3pm.  Cost is $5/class.  This is also supported by the APDA Massachusetts Chapter.